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What is FaceApp Challenge

Did you see your photo of you growing old on social media? If yes then you will be surprised to see how one app can bring your elderhood photo in real time.

You do not need to be surprised because there is one app which transforms young person into old and old person in to young age. This app is called FaceApp and it is available for smartphones.

Which app can make you look old?
It’s FaceApp.

FaceApp is the app which can be used on iPhone and Android devices, it works on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and can change your photos digitally when you upload the photo in the app.

Now a days FaceApp has become viral because of its unique feature. This app mostly uses artificial intelligence. If you are free and wish to pass your time then FaceApp Challenge can be your best option. Also, you can transform your friends photos and share with them for fun.

The best part about this app is you don’t have to pay any penny to install and use this app, its completely FREE. It is trending on number one in 121 countries.

Not only on android but also on IOS it is viral. However, there are certain concerns regarding this app which we will discuss in the article. So I have decided to educate you guys on what is faceapp and how you can use it. Let’s dive deeper into it.

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What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is a photo morphing app, which uses artificial intelligence for processing the photos. It also uses neural face transformations.

By using this app you can transform natural photos into creepy, weird, hilarious and funny with the use of filters. This app can use your photo library pictures or you can take new photos from the app. If you have many photos in the library then this app can use photos which has feature faces.
FaceApp’s artificial intelligence adds filters to your photos from which you can transform your photo into may things such as aged person, young, female face, male face etc.

On Which Platforms FaceApp is Available?

It is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Which Country the FaceApp is from and When it is Made?

FaceApp is Russian-developed app which is developed in Russia in 2017. By using this app you can even change the gender. You can transform male face into female face and vice versa. You can change the makeup of the face as well.

How many types of filters the FaceApp has?

There are many popular filters of FaceApp, which are as follows:

  • Smile: Through this filter you can bring smile to any face.
  • Young: By using this filter you can transform any older person into young person.
  • Old: This filter is used to transform young person into old age person.
  • Female: This filter is used to transform male in to female.
  • Male: This filter is used to transform female in to male.

How To Download FaceApp?

If you wish to download the faceapp then you can download it on any of your IOS or android devices. To download you can go to their respected app stores.

It is easy to download the app, you just need to type the name “FaceApp” in the search bar of respected stores and it will populate the app to download.

How To Use FaceApp?

The user interface of FaceApp is very simple, you can either use photos from your library or click photos from the app and then you can edit it. You can edit photos from home screen.

What is the price of Face App?

This app is free but if you purchase it then you will get extra filters and it will be ad free version. Paid version costs $3.99 which has following features:

  • Advertise Free
  • No Watermarks
  • Face selection
  • Priority Photo Processing
Whoever purchases the full version of the app gets VIP treatment. The gets fast service.

What Are The Concerns FaceApp Raises?

There are privacy concerns as the person who uploads his/her photos to the app can be misused in future. When you download the app it requires you to accept the condition which is your photos can be used commercially. This app stores your pictures in cloud which can be another concern.

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FaceApp Answers the concerns raised above

FaceApp will never upload the photos from the user library without their permission. They are promised that they will never share the data with third-party. They also mentioned that the photos which are stored in server is deleted after 48 hours. Also, users can delete the photos manually by using ‘Report a Bug’ feature.
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